CHRISTMAS IN CAPE TOWN Most people have a family dinner on 24 December and then on the morning of the 25th, gifts are given around a very European Christmas tree. The 25th is spent eating leftovers with friends by a pool or on a beach. Nothing special happens on the night of the 25th and the 26th is a public holiday called ‘Boxing Day’. Generally guests at the Villa like to have a special dinner at a restaurant on 24 December and there are several excellent restaurants which make an effort to offer a slightly more memorable meal than their usual fare. Of course this costs extra!

On the 25th many restaurant s are closed so the choice of where to eat is restricted.

*THE SAVOY CABBAGE: offers a menu of several courses from which diners can choose between 2 to 5. We can send you a copy but is above average in quality. Price ranges from R250 to R395 depending on the number of courses chosen. (5 minutes taxi ride). double click the icon to open!
*BAIA mainly seafood – at the Waterfront great views. A la carte menu (7 min taxi ride)
*HILDEBRANDS: A la carte menu as per usual – nice harbour atmosphere – traditional fare. (7 min taxi ride)
*BIZERCA: Christmas Eve R550 set menu (we have reserved 2 tables for the Villa) – high class food. (4 min taxi ride)
*THE GRAND CAFÉ: Open 24th (we have reserved a table for 4 for the Villa) Closed 25th. (10-12 min taxi ride)
*SOCIETI: Open 24th A la Carte menu with special. 25th also open. (10 min walk from the villa) Christmas Day (25th) is a very quiet day in the city.

* Many (too many?) will go to the beach or escape the city – the easy to access beaches wil be unpleasantly busy. If possible head up the west coast to, say, Yyzerfontain – miles of untamed beach or, closer to home. Blouberg Strand with it’s classic picture book view of Table Mountain.
*Why not hop on the ‘BLUE BUS’ and spend the day being driven to some lovely spots around the mountain – The Botanical Gardens/Some local and ‘historic’ wine farms/an atmospheric small harbour lunch/drinks by the sea?
*You may want to drive out to the Winelands and have a picnic on one of the wine farms – contact us to find out what is open on Christmas Day.

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