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The Ozzie who makes biltong!

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Ned & Jenn Errington stayed with us recently and we were amazed that he knew what biltong hooks were. (I mean, a guy from Oz!) Turns out that his parents come from here (a block away from the Villa) and his Pop taught him to love biltong. Now he makes mountains of it for his friends back home! Wow! I don’t know of many of your actual South Africans besides me who go to the trouble of making it. Well done Nedd!

For those of you wondering, here’s how it’s done:


The dogs of the Villa.

Here we have our lovely 3 Dachshund, who spend their free time at the Villa,
when they’re not out soaking up the sun or chasing squirrels in the park.

Monty, Black.
He loves to step out to welcoming you at the entrance. He expects a bit of fussing over as a reward. :)

Berty, Tanned brown.
Our rescue. A bit nervous at first, but loves a good head massage.

Taylor, Chocolate brown.
Our queen – as in Elizabeth Taylor we like to say, and the leader of the pack too.

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We also had the lovely Brandy, the Golden Retriever for many years.
Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to her in Feb – we miss her dearly.If she wasn’t out the front entrance, catching some sun, she waited patiently in the office for some belly rubs too.

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Once upon a time before An African Villa…

A huge thank you to our past guests,  Brian & Ann-Elisabeth Pearce for sharing such wonderful information with us about one of the houses that make up An African Villa. It was such a pleasure to sit down with her, and hear the story of her Grandparents who lived in ‘Villa house A’ back in 1904! Read their story below. :)











A family picture, the youngest boy, David Scott Outerson, grandfather of Ann-Elisabeth Pearce.



We hope to see you in Cape Town again Brian & Ann-Elisabeth Pearce. :)

Best wishes from AAV & Staff

Reunited and it feels so good!

A lovely photograph sent through by Shannon Liebenberg, who stayed with us last year. Shannon reunited with her good friend after 23 years, right here at the Villa. :) May you continue to share wonderful memories and adventures together. Best wishes to Shannon & Emilia!

An African Villa looks forward to your return.