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* The FUGARD – The Kingmakers


The Kingmakers
23 February – 19 March
A comedy about politicans. A tragedy about the people who vote for them. Winner of the 2015 Fleur du Cap award for Best New Script and Best New Director.

A ‘pitch black’ political comedy The Kingmakers follows a group of opposition-party strategists as they attempt to place a neutral party member in contention for leadership. After an internal power struggle leaves them out in the cold and on the fringes of the party, they come up with a plan to shape a seemingly ambition-less, but well-respected politician into a leader. With the help of a rising commercial corporation seeking political clout and possible government contracts, the stage is set for a merciless power grab and perhaps a chance at revenge.

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* The Fugard, Artscape, Baxter and Bay Theatres


Situated in the heart of the mother city, the Artscape Theatre Centre brings you the highest level of artistic excellence in all aspects of performing arts for more than four decades! All this success is attributed to the combination of world-class productions, high tech sets and locally made period and modern costumes which makes Artscape Theatre Centre stand out as an iconic cultural beacon in the Western Cape.

The Baxter Theatre Centre is a vibrant, multicultural entertainment hub in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. Nestled under the striking Devil’s Peak mountain and at the foot of the University of Cape Town, the Baxter boasts a world-class theatre and concert hall, as well as a studio stage, rehearsal rooms, offices, a restaurant and bars and an impressive spacious foyer.

Situated in one of the most beautiful settings for any theatre in the country, this very busy little playhouse keeps Cape Town  constantly amazed. they have a fairly good restaurant as well, for a pre-show supper.

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